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Talisman Energy/Statoil Royalty Dispute Litigation Attorneys

Talisman Energy/Statoil Royalty Dispute Litigation Attorneys

Talisman Energy/Statoil Royalty Disputes

Provost Umphrey Law Firm has spent more than four decades fighting for individuals and families, seeking justice for those who have been wronged by others.

Recently, Provost Umphrey discovered that Talisman Energy and/or Statoil may not be paying royalty owners what they are actually owed. We believe these two companies have significantly deviated from accepted practices when reporting to the Railroad Commission, Texas Comptroller and, ultimately, royalty owners who deserve what is rightfully and legally owed to them. Provost Umphrey is here to right that wrong.

Your Rights as a Royalty Owner

Provost Umphrey currently represents a group of more than 100 royalty owners and we are aggressively pursuing claims for the underpayment of royalties, production costs, wrongfully withheld payments and other causes of action. If you are a royalty owner, then it is your right to have an attorney review your claim. This is a no-cost opportunity to find out if you have been treated unfairly and whether you are owed money that may have been wrongfully withheld from your royalty checks.

Free Consultation

Provost Umphrey has been fighting for those who have been wronged for over 45 years. We are handling these claims on a contingency fee basis, which means we are paid only if we are successful. Provost Umphrey will assess your claim at no cost to you. Call today for a free consultation at 1-888-588-1695.

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