Potential Premises Liability Strikes Trampoline Centers

Posted on Friday, August 10, 2012

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Under the law, property owners, or those in possession of a property, are potentially liable to certain individuals who sustain injuries on the property as a result of an unsafe condition like a wet pavement, icy walkway, or excavation hole. However, owners can also be liable for premises liability in other instances. One such example involves a recent lawsuit filed against a trampoline facility.

This past April, a 17-year-old teenager and former vibrant athlete, as he was known by his parents, suffered spinal cord injuries after an accident at a trampoline center located in Bellevue, Washington. Today, he is relearning how to walk, shower, and eat instead of enjoying his summer days with friends before starting his last year of high school.

His parents have filed suit against the facility. According to CNN, they are alleging that the trampoline centers are "inherently dangerous in the way they are designed, maintained and supervised," and are responsible for their son's injuries.

The facility says, however, that they adhere to proper safety protocols and conduct routine inspections of equipment and courts and provide training courses for all employees.

But, the parents disagree and claim that they saw first-hand the dangerous practices condoned by the facility. They told CNN that they witnessed a "free for all," as they call it, where both children and adults were allowed to bounce haphazardly everywhere.

Over a dozen other lawsuits against the trampoline facility are currently pending.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were over 92,000 visits to the ER in 2010 for trampoline related injuries.

Source: CNN, Lawsuits ignite debate over trampoline park safety, Emanuella Grinberg, July 27, 2012

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