Motorcycle and SUV Collide on Texas Highway

Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Car and motorcycle crashes can cause severe injuries to the victims involved. When motorcycle wrecks occur on highways, for instance, the results are often devastating.

Recently in Texas, a man and woman were transported to the hospital after an SUV pulled out in front of the motorcycle the pair were riding. According to a state trooper, the SUV crossed a Texas highway directly in the path of the oncoming motorcycle. The motorcycle collided with the SUV, and the bike was propelled onto its front wheel, coming to rest against the SUV with its back wheel in the air.

The extent of the injuries suffered by the motorcycle riders in this accident is unknown. However, injuries suffered by victims of motorcycle are oftentimes severe and can lead to brain injuries-both open and closed. These types of brain injuries are serious and can even be life-threatening. Common brain injuries include bruising, tearing and swelling of the brain. They necessitate medical attention and thorough evaluation.

If a person has been injured in a motorcycle due to someone else's negligence, he or she may be able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit to recover costly medical expenses, pain and suffering and work loss benefits, to name a few, against the negligent driver. A person's loved ones may also file a lawsuit if the victim was killed in the crash.

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