Driver in truck accident facing questions from grand jury

Posted on Monday, January 14, 2013

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Readers in Beaumont are undoubtedly familiar with the tragic accident in which a train struck a float that was carrying numerous military veterans and their families. The truck accident killed four people and injured 16 others. Now a grand jury is deciding whether the driver the truck should be charged with a crime.

The accident occurred in November 2012. Veterans and their families had gathered at a parade to honor the veterans. A float carrying veterans crossed onto train tracks when a train struck it. Federal investigators have determined that the truck entered the intersection after the warning lights and bells sounded, and after the crossing guard started to lower. The investigators noted that when these warning signs are triggered, drivers are expected to stop and wait for the train to pass. The driver, who was uninjured in the accident, has not given an explanation for why he entered the intersection.

The death of any family member is devastating. This story is even more tragic because it involved military heroes who were being honored with a parade.

A victim's family members can bring a wrongful death claim. Such a claim argues that the victim died due to the negligence of another person. Using a wrongful death claim, family members can recover the loss of the victim's income, loss of the victim's companionship, medical expenses and funeral expenses. When a family suffers a devastating loss of a loved one, they rarely think about the financial consequences the loss can have for the family. While monetary compensation can never bring back a loved one, it can ensure that the loss will not financially ruin the family.

Source: Houston Chronicle, "Midland Grand Jury to Hear Fatal Train Crash Case," Eva Ruth Moravec, Jan. 4 2013

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