Massive commercial vehicle accident outside Beaumont

Posted on Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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Most drivers in Texas are familiar with large commercial 18-wheelers on our highways and roads. However, they may not be aware of the danger that these commercial trucks can present. The difference in weight and size between a commercial truck and the average automobile is enormous. This disparity means that accidents between commercial trucks and cars tend to be more catastrophic than ordinary car accidents. The injuries are more severe and fatalities are more common. The large size of commercial trucks also increases the chance of multi-car pile-ups.

A recent accident on Interstate 10 outside of Beaumont shows just how catastrophic commercial vehicle accidents can be. An estimated 100 cars were involved in a chain-reaction wreck that has killed two and injured at least 80 people. The first accident was a multi-vehicle wreck. It appears that in the initial wreck, an 18 wheeler rear-ended an SUV killing the two passengers inside.

There was dense fog at the time of the accident. Police are saying that low visibility likely contributed to the massive accident.

While there may have been low visibility, driver error may also have contributed to the accident. Often drivers do not slow down and use the proper amount of caution in the fog, increasing the chance that an accident might occur. Given the severe injuries that can come into play, victims of an 18 wheeler accident may choose to pursue legal action in order to receive compensation for expenses associated with the accident. Unfortunately, legal cases involving truck accidents also tend to be more complex than cases stemming from ordinary car accidents. For example, commercial trucks usually carry different insurance than an ordinary car would, which can make the settlement process more demanding. Commercial truck defendants also have much to protect, and will require victims to meticulously document all injuries. Understanding how commercial truck defendants are different from other defendants can help increase the chance that victims will recover compensation for the injuries caused by an accident.

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