Car accident leaves two elderly Texas women injured

Posted on Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Like many drivers across the country, drivers in Beaumont are likely very comfortable on the road. But this comfort can make it easy to overlook the dangers of driving. Even the safest driver can be injured by the careless actions of other drivers.

Two elderly women were injured in a car accident that occurred in Texas. The women were driving in a car and made a right turn onto a Texas highway. As the car was turning, a pickup truck struck the car. The crash was so powerful that it sent the car across the highway and into a front yard.

Both the driver and the passenger were taken to the hospital. Police reported that the driver was in critical condition. The pickup truck occupants were not injured.

Despite the many safety features that cars today are equipped with, accidents still do occur. These car accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries, which may require extensive medical care. This medical care can be very expensive, causing some victims of car accidents to seek compensation for their injuries.

If a victim chooses to pursue compensation for their injuries, they typically will begin a personal injury case. A car accident related personal injury case is based on the negligent behavior of another driver. When victims sue another person under a theory of negligence, they are alleging that the other person did not act with reasonable care.

Showing that a driver did not use reasonable care can be complex, but there are some common factors that courts will look at. These include disregarding weather conditions, speeding, operating a vehicle while intoxicated and others.

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