Texas sheriff involved in fatal motorcycle wreck

Posted on Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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Texans are indebted to our sheriffs for the service they provide in protecting our families. But residents also expect a high level of professionalism from sheriffs, both while they are on duty and off duty. Unfortunately, sometimes sheriffs do not live up to the high standards society places on them.

A Fort Bend County sheriff is currently facing charges stemming from a deadly motorcycle wreck that occurred in Katy, outside of Houston. The sheriff, who was off-duty at the time, was riding his motorcycle on Interstate 10 outside at around midnight. He also had a passenger on his motorcycle with him. For unknown reasons, the sheriff lost control of his motorcycle and crashed into the center median. Both riders were thrown from the motorcycle. The passenger suffered severe injuries and died at the scene of the accident. The sheriff also suffered injuries and was taken to a local hospital.

Sobriety tests performed at the hospital showed that the sheriff had a blood alcohol concentration of .146, nearly twice the legal limit.

Police have now charged the sheriff with intoxication manslaughter.

Families of those who were killed in auto accidents sometimes choose to seek compensation for their injuries through a wrongful death lawsuit. As part of a wrongful death lawsuit, a victim must prove who was liable for the accident. This can be challenging, but there are some tools that can be helpful.

If police respond to a car accident, as is common in cases of accidents caused by drunk driving, there will be a police report that documents the accident. A police report contains a great deal of evidence that can help prove liability. It will often contain the police officer's initial assessment of how the accident occurred and any traffic violations that occurred. With this type of evidence, proving fault can be less difficult, and victims have a better chance of being compensated for their injuries.

Source: KTRK, "Ex-Fort Bend Co. investigator indicted for deadly accident," Kevin Quinn, March 6, 2013

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