Texas pharmaceutical maker at center of FDA recall

Posted on Friday, August 1, 2014

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When Texas patients go to their doctors for treatment, they put a profound trust in the hands of their medical providers. Their doctors, in turn, place trust in the pharmaceutical drug manufacturers who provide their medicine. If anything is wrong with the medicine, it can cause serious injury to their patients.

Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning, telling doctors not to use potentially defective drugs from a compounding pharmacy in Texas. Federal regulators said they had discovered problems at the pharmacy with drugs that must be kept sterile. According to the FDA warning, if doctors use the drugs, they will put their patients at an unacceptable risk of infection or other injury.

The pharmacy, in Temple, manufactures drugs to order for physicians all over the nation. Most of its sterile drugs are meant for injection in hypodermic needles or intravenous drips. The company has recalled all of its sterile products.

When patients are injured by defective drugs, they may have greatly increased medical costs and worsened medical conditions. They can recover compensation for these damages through personal injury lawsuits based upon different legal theories. The theory of product liability, for example, can hold manufacturers liable for damages when consumers are injured by defective products. This theory can apply to every type of defective product, from a car to a drug.

Lawsuits against drug manufacturers can be legally complicated. It's important for those who have been injured by defective drugs to have the help of attorneys who have experience in this field of personal injury law.

Source: ABC News, "FDA Warns of Compounded Drug Recall by Texas Firm," July 23, 2014

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