Man goes blind after getting wrong prescription

Posted on Friday, July 11, 2014

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A person's eyesight is often valued as one of their most important senses. Losing one's eyesight can be especially difficult when the individual loses this sense late in their life. The drastic change often leads to completely altering one's lifestyle and making many adjustments.

Recently in Houston, a local man went into a CVS pharmacy to get eye drops for pink eye. Instead, however, the man was given a prescription for a bacterial ear infection. After the man squirted the prescription in his eye, he noticed an intense burning. The man was rushed to the hospital where the doctors determined that the man was blind in this left eye.

As a result of the man's injuries, he has decided to pursue a medical malpractice claim against CVS pharmacy. Because the man suffers from blindness, it is likely that his complications from this mistake will last him the rest of his life.

A medical malpractice claim arising from a doctor error that is asserted in the state of Texas allows injured parties to sue medical professionals that have not exercised a reasonable duty of care in their treatment. Once the injured party demonstrates negligence, they are able to seek damages for their injury. Damages can be awarded for missed wages at work, pain and suffering and past and future medical expenses.

A Texas citizen that is injured because of poor healthcare treatment does not have to suffer with that injury alone. Texans are able to hold negligent parties responsible in civil court with the assistance of an experienced legal professional.

Source:, "Man blinded after prescription mix-up," Kevin Reece, June 20, 2014

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