Understanding the dangers of hormone replacement therapy

Posted on Friday, February 6, 2015

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Certain types of therapy are used to treat various medical issues. One such treatment that women in Beaumont often use for symptoms of menopause like having a hot flush and other problems is hormone replacement therapy. Alternatively known as HRT, there was also a belief that it could help with other medical problems like heart disease and dementia. However, it was discovered through clinical trials that there were risks involved with its use. This is especially true when the women who were being given the treatment were older.

The dangers of HRT include strokes, blood clots, breast cancer and heart disease. In one particular trial, a pill with progestin and estrogen led to the increased dangers of these health problems. Another trial in which estrogen was used by itself for women who had received a hysterectomy showed that there wasn't a higher risk of blood clot and stroke. The estrogen and progestin combination led to the breasts appearing to have greater density when a mammogram was conducted. This can lead to breast cancer being harder to find.

Dangers of HRT are contingent on the manner in which it was administered. For example, a person can be at greater risk of illness depending on the following: if estrogen was given by itself or along with a progestin; the age when menopause began; the dosage and type of hormone; health risks that might have been present before based on family history are all possibilities. In many instances, doctors will still prescribe HRT to treat women with menopause.

If a patient has been given HRT and it was either given in too high a dosage or the wrong medication was given via doctor error, then there is a chance that illness and side effects could occur. Those who have suffered illness without understanding why or people who have lost a loved one with the above-listed medical issues might have been harmed by HRT. Discussing the matter with a legal professional experienced in cases involving HRT can be important should a victim choose to pursue litigation.

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