Avandia: what it does and how it can be dangerous

Posted on Friday, February 13, 2015

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When a person in Beaumont is suffering from a medical issue, visiting the doctor and seeking treatment is the logical next step. In some instances, the issue is such that they will need to receive medication to treat it. Those suffering from diabetes have, in recent years, been prescribed a drug called Avandia. The drug is designed for diabetes sufferers to control their blood sugar levels. Those suffering from Type 2 Diabetes will be prescribed the drug, and it is sometimes utilized with other medications. Knowing the way the drug functions and its potential side effects is key in the event there is a negative event.

People taking insulin are not advised to use Avandia as it can lead to an increased danger of heart problems. People who have heart failure are advised not to take this drug. Those who have congestive heart failure might see the problem worsened, if they take Avandia. Experiencing swelling, weight gain in short order or shortness or breath are symptoms that could indicated a problem with Avandia. It is important to inform the doctor if there are heart problems or stroke, eye issues linked to the diabetes or liver disease.

Women have been found to have a greater likelihood of suffering from bone fractures in their feet, hands or upper arm, while using Avandia. Side effects linked to Avandia include hives, trouble breathing, swelling of the face, pale skin, feeling nauseous, pain in the stomach, itch, lost appetite, darkened urine, jaundice, problems with vision, symptoms of a cold and headaches have been reported. Illness and side effects can lead to hospital stays, excessive medical costs and long-term damage.

Patients should not be expected to understand every aspect of the dangers of a particular drug they're prescribed by their physician. This is true whether it's a simple medication or one that is more complex like Avandia. While the medication is meant to treat those with Type 2 Diabetes, if a doctor makes an error and prescribes it to a patient who has some of the above listed symptoms or fails to ask about heart problems, it is important to know what to do next. With any dangerous or defective drug that leads to damage to the patient, discussing the matter with a legal professional experienced drug issues is a must.

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