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Work on the railroad has its serious risks and dangers, and our laws reflect that reality. The Federal Employer's Liability Act (FELA), Locomotive Inspection Act, Safety Compliance Act, and other laws hold railroad owners and managers accountable for promoting and maintaining a safe work environment.

Like workers' compensation insurance for employees in other industries, FELA is intended to provide railroad workers and their families fair compensation for work-related injuries or a death on the job. Attorneys at The Provost Umphrey Law Firm have a successful, decades-long history of representing injured railroad workers and seeking maximum compensation under FELA and other applicable laws.

"The Federal Employers' Liability Act was designed to put on the railroad industry some of the costs of the legs, arms, eyes, and lives which it consumed in its operation" - Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

Railroad Law Attorneys Recognized and Approved by Union Leadership

We are union-approved and union-designated FELA attorneys with extensive trial experience in high-value cases. Our professional legal team's range of services to railroad workers includes:

  • Dedicated advocacy and representation in FELA claim litigation after an on-the-job railroad injury or fatality
  • Legal and practical guidance when you have difficulty getting railroad benefits you believe you deserve or face challenges involving the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB)
  • Active communication on key developments, cases and decisions under railroad law, including publication of a newsletter for railroaders and their families

Lawyers at our Beaumont office and satellite office locations are extremely active in pursuit of FELA claims and other litigation for injured railroad workers. We stay current on continual changes in policy and other developments. Our Texas FELA law attorneys take great pride in having recovered millions in compensation for hardworking railroaders and families left behind throughout the southeast U.S. and nationwide.

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If you have been injured on your railroad job and want to maximize the compensation you receive for medical costs, lost wages and other damages, please contact our proven law firm today. A jury may ultimately decide your case, and you will want an experienced FELA lawyer with extensive trial experience on your side.