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Southeast Texas Oil Refinery Accident Attorney

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Our law firm was founded in the heart of U.S. oil exploration and refining country more than 40 years ago. Many of the largest oil refineries in the country are among the largest employers in cities near our Beaumont offices, such as Houston, Baytown, Port Arthur, Texas City, Deer Park, Corpus Christi, Sweeny, Texas, and along the Gulf Coast in Louisiana.

From our early days, attorneys of the Provost Umphrey Law Firm have made the rights and futures of injured petroleum and petrochemical workers a top priority – taking decisive legal action in cases arising from fires, explosions, catastrophic or long-term toxic exposure and other catastrophic events and conditions. If you have been injured or tragically lost a family member in any type of oil refinery accident, caring and comprehensive legal counsel is just a phone call away.

Legal Action for Victims of Fires, Explosions, Falls and Toxic Exposure

Working in an oil refinery or other petroleum products plant means working in close proximity to huge quantities of flammable and toxic chemicals on a daily basis. This makes it vital for plant operators, contractors and other parties involved to adhere to proper workplace safety measures and take all reasonable steps to prevent catastrophic accidents such as:

  • Explosions and fires that cause severe burn injuries, scarring, disfigurement and sometimes a wrongful death
  • Toxic exposure resulting in lung damage, neurological damage and sometimes long-term or fatal illnesses such as cancer or leukemia
  • Falls, impact from debris, or serious equipment malfunction that can cause head trauma, spinal cord injury, loss of limb or other life-changing consequences

Protecting and Asserting the Rights of Oil Workers and Their Families

Our connection to oil industry and refinery workers is stronger than ever today, as we collaborate with the United Steelworkers union to provide emergency response and ensure workers receive the legal counsel and other help needed after serious accidents.

At the Provost Umphrey Law Firm, you can work closely with attorneys who understand the workings of refineries and other petroleum plants. We call on respected industry experts for investigation, analysis and testimony in your case. When you need a Southeast Texas oil refinery accident lawyer who has a track record of success recovering sizable compensation for victims of personal injury and wrongful death, please contact our firm.