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Accident litigation involving various kinds of recreational vehicles can range well beyond the issues of driver negligence or fault that often dominate accident claims involving cars, SUVs or trucks. Because so many people injured in ATV or dirt bike accidents are unlicensed, uninsured or underage drivers, a wide variety of other issues can also arise: Were young drivers appropriately supervised? Did a rental company make sure that the operators understood the risks of speeding or certain kinds of terrain? Did dangerous conditions on private property play a role in the accident, and should the landowner have warned of them?

With a 40-year record of success in complex personal injury litigation, the Provost Umphrey Law Firm L.L.P. can develop and investigate the full range of legal issues and damages claims that can relate to a recreational accident of any kind, not just those focused on each driver's performance or proper attention. We can also handle the product liability, premises liability or insurance coverage issues that can prove to be decisive in your case. Contact us at any of our four office locations for a free consultation about your claims.

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Provost Umphrey personal injury attorneys advise clients in Texas, Arkansas and Tennessee from offices in Beaumont, Tyler and Nashville. We also represent people who suffered their injuries while visiting from other states. Examples of the kinds of accident claims we investigate and pursue include:

Provost Umphrey has a regional and national reputation for excellence in complex personal injury litigation. Our depth and breadth of experience in accident cases makes our law firm an ideal choice for anyone who needs to protect and realize the full value of a recreational accident claim that raises issues beyond the negligence of one or more drivers.

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For a free consultation with experienced Beaumont recreational accident attorneys, contact our law firm at any of its four locations.