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Some commercial vehicle injury claims represent something of a hybrid between car accident and truck accident litigation. The vehicles involved in the collision and the injuries suffered by drivers or passengers might be similar to those characteristic of a crash involving private passenger autos, SUVs or pickups. The insurance coverage questions, litigation strategies and settlement tactics, however, might more closely resemble those that frequently apply to semi-truck accident litigation.

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To learn how experienced personal injury attorneys can protect your interest in recovering full compensation following a serious accident involving any commercially owned and operated vehicle, contact the Provost Umphrey Law Firm L.L.P. With four offices in Texas, Arkansas and Tennessee, our commercial vehicle accident attorneys can develop the liability and damages issues of accident claims across a wide section of the Gulf Coast and the South.

We represent people with personal injury or wrongful death claims related to the negligent operation of commercial vehicles of all kinds, from contractor pickups to 18-wheelers. Other examples include:

  • Construction trucks and mobile construction equipment
  • Installation or repair vans
  • Landscaping trucks
  • Delivery vans of all sizes
  • Private passenger vans, buses and livery vehicles such as airport shuttles or hotel courtesy vans
  • Public or private city, school, church or camp buses

As well as representing the motorists and passengers injured in collisions with light- or medium-duty commercial trucks and vans, we also work with the professional drivers who have suffered injuries in accidents caused by other commercial or private motorists.

Commercial Vehicle Accident Litigation in Texas, Tennessee and Arkansas

Provost Umphrey has a 40-year tradition of excellence in client service in motor vehicle accidents of all kinds, and many of our attorneys are nationally known for their accomplishments in cases with complex issues of liability or damages. For a free consultation with a prominent regional law firm, contact us in Beaumont, Tyler, Nashville.