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Texas Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents Attorney

In many accident lawsuits for damages related to bicyclist or pedestrian injuries, the main challenge will be to find enough insurance coverage to meet the expenses of treating and recovering from severe or catastrophic injuries. At the Provost Umphrey Law Firm L.L.P., our attorneys' ability to get the maximum mileage out of all available insurance can help the victims of bicycle or pedestrian accidents collect full compensation for their losses, including compensation to surviving families in fatal accident cases. To learn more about our law firm and the ways we investigate and prove personal injury claims, contact us in Beaumont, Tyler, Nashville for a free consultation.

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Provost Umphrey is known regionally and nationally for its excellence in the service and results the firm consistently delivers to our clients. We never represent insurance companies, but instead use our decades of experience with the settlement and trial of complex injury claims to make sure that seriously injured people recover as much as possible on their claims.

In bicycle or pedestrian accident cases, it is often possible to reach several different sources of coverage, which can include the liability policy of the driver at fault, the victim's own car insurance or homeowner policy, the victim's health or disability insurance, and in some cases, the insurance coverage of a negligent property owner, if dangerous property conditions played a role in causing the accident.

Getting the Most Out of Insurance Available for Injured Pedestrians or Bicyclists

Because bike riders, joggers, dog walkers and skateboarders all have little or no protection from serious injury when struck by a motor vehicle, the injuries in such accidents tend to be severe, and the question of insurance coverage is likely to become important. In many cases, the other driver's insurance limits will be too low to cover the full extent of the injuries, which places greater importance on your attorney's ability to reach additional policies and protect you from the possibility that one insurer will claim against another for its payout.

Find out more about our ability to protect your interest in recovering the maximum compensation available for such serious injuries as multiple fractures, traumatic brain injury, severe soft tissue damage or permanent spinal cord injury. Contact Provost Umphrey in Texas, Arkansas or Tennessee for a free consultation.