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Beaumont Hurricane Wind Damage Attorney

Many Gulf Coast homeowners and businesses encounter problems with insurance companies when their property is damaged by the high winds associated with a hurricane, but the affected buildings lie outside the storm track. If you need help with a property loss claim for wind damage, contact the trial lawyers of the Provost Umphrey Law Firm L.L.P. for a free consultation.

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With 32 attorneys, four offices and regional reputation for excellence in client service in disputes with insurance companies, Provost Umphrey can help you realize the full benefit of your casualty coverage. Our experience with the investigation and proof of storm loss claims allows us to use historical weather data, computer model records and the physical evidence of the loss experienced to show that damage to buildings and property should be covered under the terms of your residential or commercial casualty policy.

The mere fact that a named hurricane passed wide of your property does not mean that you are not entitled to payment for repair, replacement or loss of use damages covered under your insurance policy, whether or not it specifically contained a hurricane coverage rider. Our lawyers can advise and represent you on the full range of problems that can come up in a wind damage loss claim anywhere in Texas or along the Gulf Coast:

  • Denial of coverage based on exclusions or conditions in the policy itself
  • Disputes as to the cause of the losses claimed
  • Disputes concerning the extent or value of the losses
  • Denial of coverage based on preexisting property damage or defective workmanship
  • Understatement of repair expenses
  • Payment in a lump sum to approved contractors before the work is completed and invoiced – leaving the insured liable for any additional work or cost overruns

Experienced Texas Lawyers for Property Insurance Disputes

Provost Umphrey has successfully resolved insurance coverage and payment disputes on behalf of property owners and injured people for 50 years. To learn more about our ability to resolve your hurricane wind damage dispute in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana or Mississippi, contact us in Beaumont, Tyler for a free consultation.