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Texas Commercial Hurricane Loss Claims Attorney

When a hurricane strikes a community, hundreds or thousands of people are displaced and highly dependent on emergency services and private insurance to carry them through the debris removal and reconstruction phases of recovery. The needs arise immediately, and typically continue for many months thereafter.

So it is with businesses, but the issues can be even more complicated. Contact an experienced insurance loss claim lawyer at the Provost Umphrey Law Firm L.L.P. at any of our office locations to learn about your options for getting the most out of your insurance coverage.

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Businesses affected by hurricane damage face additional challenges in proving and presenting their claims. Not only does a business owner need to recover losses to buildings, equipment and vehicles, the company also needs to cover lost profits, unperformed contractual commitments, lost rents, and other problems related to its inability to continue with normal operations.

We will review your insurance policy's terms, conditions and exclusions while making a comprehensive assessment of your property and business losses. Our lawyers can identify points of potential dispute as to what might be covered and what the insurer is likely to deny. Then we can develop strategies for presenting your claims with the most complete documentation possible.

As experienced insurance coverage attorneys, we are thoroughly familiar with insurance company tactics for disputing claims, delaying payment and pressuring policyholders into low settlements. Provost Umphrey takes a proactive approach toward preempting insurance company resistance whenever possible, and our goal is to get you the greatest available benefit of your coverage at the earliest possible times.

Careful Attention to Detail in Preparing and Presenting Commercial Loss Claims

Some elements of your commercial loss claim will take time and effort to develop. Transporting and storing equipment, projecting and documenting future lost profits, avoiding or covering liability for unperformed work, or marking lost inventory to proper values can all present challenges of timing and documentation. Even getting repair estimates for property damage can take longer than expected, given that many people will need the services of a limited number of contractors at the same time.

While working toward full compensation for your losses, our attorneys can also help you avoid the errors in preparing or presenting your claim that can cause delays in payment or invite denial of your claim in part or as a whole. If it turns out that you did not have essential coverage for basic property damage or business interruption losses, we can also pursue your insurance broker for negligence damages for failing to offer it.

To work with attorneys experienced with commercial hurricane loss claims in Texas and along the Gulf Coast, contact Provost Umphrey in Beaumont or Tyler.