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Provost Umphrey: A Nationally Recognized Leader In Labor Law

For nearly five decades, the Provost Umphrey Law Firm has demonstrated its commitment to protecting and championing the rights of labor union workers throughout the United States. From its home office in Beaumont, Texas and satellite offices in Houston and Nashville, the legal team at Provost Umphrey has consistently fought and won the good fights on behalf of labor union workers accidentally injured or killed on the job.

Being grievously injured or killed in an accident is a financial life changer for union workers and their families. Besides the obvious costs of emergency medical care, surgery, rehabilitation and other long-term costs, there is also potential lost income and benefits at stake. In some instances, negligence in workplace health and safety standards may be in play that could result in substantial punitive damages. For an injured worker or the grieving family of a fatally injured worker, the legal details required to insure that just compensation is received can be overwhelming.

Emergency Response Team

Provost Umphrey proudly partners with the United Steelworkers Union as part of the Emergency Response Team. Watch the video below to learn more about the program and how Provost Umphrey can help you.

Long-Term Union Partnership

With extensive legal knowledge, experience and success in diverse areas of labor law, including the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, Federal Employers' Liability Act, as well as the many State laws governing union rights and benefits, Provost Umphrey has become the go to counsel for a wide range of local, state and national labor unions, including:

  • General Counsel to the Texas AFL-CIO
  • General Counsel to the Texas Building and Construction Trades
  • General Counsel for the International Association of Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Iron Workers
  • Legal Representatives for Pipefitters Local 195, Ironworkers Local 125, Sheet Metal Workers Local 196, Operating Engineers Local 450, Laborers Local 853, Painters Local 438, OCAW Local 423 and OCAW Local 228, among others

Additionally, the Texas Board of Legal Specialization has Board Certified every equity partner at Provost Umphrey in Personal Injury Trial Law, a certification granted to less than 8% of the 90,000 lawyers licensed in Texas.

If you are a union worker who has been injured on the job, or a surviving family member of a union worker accidentally killed in the workplace, you owe it to yourself to consult with Provost Umphrey today to evaluate your options. Don’t be overwhelmed by the legal details, let Provost Umphrey’s experienced workplace injury trial lawyers handle that for you.

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50 Years of Commitment to Union Workers