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Emergency Response Program

Dedicated Lawyers for Injured Union Workers and Families

For many across Texas and nationwide, our Beaumont-based law firm's name is closely connected to advocacy for union workers – people who make their livings in oil exploration and drilling, steel, paper products, chemical production, manufacturing, construction, health care and other vital industries.

We take great pride in our union commitment, which has led to development of an Emergency Response Program supporting the efforts of The United Steelworkers (USW) Emergency Response Team (ERT). Our mission centers on helping injured workers and family members make informed decisions that can impact their well-being for years to come.

First-Call, Comprehensive Guidance After Job Accidents Nationwide

After a catastrophic injury or on-the-job death, families are overwhelmed with decisions regarding benefits, workers' compensation and insurance. Unfortunately, benefits available often fall short of what is necessary to address injuries and damages sustained, making it essential to investigate every potential avenue for recovery of compensation.

Our attorneys move quickly and decisively to help union workers and their families every way we can after all types of industrial accidents, such as:

  • Crane accidents including falls and collapses that cause life-changing injuries or tragic fatalities
  • Oil refinery accidents including fires and explosions, falls from scaffolding or other heights, and accidents resulting in toxic chemical exposure
  • Equipment-related industrial and manufacturing accidents that cause serious outcomes ranging from back and spinal cord injuries to amputations or electrocution

Many work-related injuries and fatalities result from companies prioritizing profits over worker safety. We have proven our ability to expose and prove negligence ranging from failure to inspect and maintain equipment to a vast spectrum of other dangerous workplace conditions.

More Than 40 Years of Sound Counsel and Productive Legal Action

In our longstanding effort to ensure union workers get the legal counsel they need when they need it most, we have built relationships with the following past and present unions:

  • Oil, Chemical, Atomic Workers Union (OCAW)
  • Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical and Energy Workers International Union (PACE)
  • The United Steelworkers (USW), which has merged with the OCAW and PACE and today represents well over one million workers

Always a Free Consultation and Representation Without Financial Risk

Upholding a tradition of legal action that includes groundbreaking asbestos litigation and trial work in major chemical exposure cases, we seek just financial settlements and verdicts for injured union workers. Please contact our firm now for legal guidance you can trust.