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Southeast Texas Crane Accident Attorney

Construction workers are well aware of many workplace hazards, but even their greatest care and diligence cannot prevent serious injury when something goes wrong. After a scaffold fall, crane collapse, equipment malfunction, fire, explosion or other severe accident, injury victims and loved ones left behind need a proven law firm to investigate the accident and pursue all sources of compensation.

At the Provost Umphrey Law Firm, founded in Beaumont and practicing nationwide, we have made worker safety and decisive legal action for injured workers top priorities since 1969. Our attorneys have been recognized for groundbreaking advocacy and trial work in toxic chemical exposure cases as well as high-stakes litigation on behalf of people injured or killed in catastrophic construction accidents.

Targeting Full and Fair Compensation For Injuries Caused by Negligence

Your employer and all other parties on the work site have a legal obligation to protect worker safety by all reasonable means. It is critical to recognize that workers' compensation insurance may not be your only source for financial recovery. In many construction accident cases, full or partial liability rests with a third party – such as another on-site contractor or an equipment manufacturer.

Applying our Texas construction accident attorneys' deep experience as well as the knowledge of top-quality experts nationwide, we investigate accident scenes thoroughly and take action for victims of:

Determined Investigation and Action, Beginning With a Free Case Evaluation

We recognize that many construction accident injuries are work-ending and life-changing – resulting in burns, paralysis, loss of limb or other loss of function. Workers and families impacted need and deserve aggressive advocacy to help them deal with medical expenses, replace lost income and put their lives back together.

To work closely with a proven workers' injury lawyer who will put your needs first, please contact the Provost Umphrey Law Firm today.