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As well as representing the drivers of smaller vehicles injured in collisions with 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles, the trial attorneys of the Provost Umphrey Law Firm L.L.P. also represent professional drivers injured in truck accidents. With decades of experience with the investigation and proof of complex industrial and workplace accidents in Texas and throughout the South, our lawyers deliver outstanding client service on behalf of truck drivers, delivery drivers and others who suffer injuries while driving on the job.

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Contact Provost Umphrey at any of our four office locations to learn about the ways our experience and careful attention to detail can help you recover the full compensation necessary to help you and your family deal with lost income, medical expenses, and future expenses related to a serious or disabling accident. We represent commercial drivers based in Texas, Arkansas and Tennessee, and we also work with long-haul truckers who suffered their injuries while traveling through any of those states.

With a 40-year record of success with the proof of catastrophic injury claims, Provost Umphrey develops and presents the evidence necessary to overcome obstacles on liability issues while making sure that every component of your damages claim is supported with specific medical, vocational or rehabilitative evidence. When necessary, we integrate the analysis and testimony of forensic experts from varied fields like transportation safety, truck component design and occupational therapy to add essential detail to your case.

Attorneys for Injured Truck Drivers in Texas, Arkansas and Tennessee

Provost Umphrey attorneys handle personal injury or wrongful death claims for professional drivers of many different kinds:

  • Over-the-road truckers
  • Local haulers
  • Delivery drivers
  • Installation or repair workers injured while driving between jobs
  • Equipment or materials haulers injured while driving to or from construction sites
  • Drivers of courtesy vans, shuttle buses or other commercial passenger vehicles

Find out more about the ways experienced and accomplished attorneys go to work to protect the claims and interests of injured commercial vehicle operators. For a free consultation, contact Provost Umphrey at any of our four locations.