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Passenger Injury Claims

Attorneys for Injured Passenger Claims in Texas, Arkansas and Tennessee

Many motor vehicle accidents cause more severe injuries to the passengers than to the drivers. When pursuing claims for personal injury or wrongful death damages on behalf of passengers, it is important to know that the legal issues are somewhat different from those raised on behalf of an injured driver.

Although the driver's conduct will always be under scrutiny, only rarely will the passenger's fault be an issue in the investigation of the case. Depending on the relationship between the passenger and the driver of the car in which he or she got hurt, however, the insurance coverage issues could turn out to be either favorable or unfavorable.

Passengers unrelated to the driver could have access to additional insurance coverage, especially their own auto and health insurance policies. Passengers who are members of the driver's family, however, might find that the total coverage available for severe injuries is limited by liability maximums per accident.

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Contact the Provost Umphrey Law Firm L.L.P. in Beaumont, Tyler, Nashville to learn about your options if you were injured as a passenger in a car, truck or motorcycle accident. While making our first priority your most complete possible recovery from your physical injuries, our ability to make different sources of insurance coverage work together can represent a significant advantage toward collecting the maximum financial compensation available under the facts of your case.

We represent passengers injured in a variety of situations:

Provost Umphrey has a 40-year record of excellence on behalf of clients with complex personal injury and wrongful death claims, and our attorneys have a national reputation for their achievements on behalf of people whose liability or damages claims present difficult complications of law or evidence.

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