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Beaumont Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Texas Dram Shop Liability Lawyers

Few events in life are more devastating and difficult to recover from than being victimized yourself or losing a family member in a drunk driving accident. If this has happened to you, our attorneys and professional staff are here to step in, offer caring and informed counsel, and advocate aggressively for the financial compensation you deserve.

Addressing All Legal Angles in Our Fight to Win Justice for You

Although fault may seem clear if the driver who hit you was charged with DUI, many other aspects of your case may be complex. We are adept at analyzing and valuing the full impact of your injuries or loss, and in determining whether liquor liability or dram shop laws should be invoked to hold someone other than the driver accountable for negligence that caused your crash.

Proving All Forms of Negligence Relevant to Your Case

We know from experience that liquor liability claims – against a bar or restaurant that over-served alcohol, served a minor or failed to take action to stop an intoxicated person from driving, for example, can yield compensation far greater than auto insurance policy limits in many cases. Having a car accident attorney prepared to investigate this angle is especially critical when the drunk driver who caused your crash is also uninsured or underinsured.

We operate a personal injury law firm steeped in a tradition of fighting for justice, and one that subscribes to the motto "the people's safety is the highest law." Our Beaumont drunk driving accident lawyers recognize that you may be focused on seeing justice done and proper legal action taken as well as recovering compensation to help you move forward in life.

Relentless Effort by Proven Negotiators and Trial Attorneys

As in all our practice areas, we take a thorough, comprehensive approach to the investigation of drunk driving accidents. We may call upon nationally recognized toxicologists and other experts in order to build the best possible case for you. To work closely with a law firm that will focus intently on your case and your needs, please call or e-mail us now and request a free, no-risk case evaluation.