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Texas Patent Infringement Lawyers

Beaumont Intellectual Property Attorney

At the Provost Umphrey Law Firm, we are proven advocates for the intellectual property rights of individuals, entrepreneurs and smaller companies whose patents are infringed upon by others. Our lawyers have current, relevant and successful case experience representing the plaintiff in patent infringement matters.

Enforcing Legal Rights and Recovering Compensation for Patent Holders

As in our personal injury and toxic torts litigation practice, our focus in patent infringement cases is on fairness and justice. Our Texas patent infringement attorneys work collaboratively with other proven law firms and handle trial work directly, pursuing:

  • Enforcement of the ownership and use rights of patentees
  • Injunctions against the unauthorized use of inventions and patented innovations
  • Patent infringement lawsuits targeting a recovery of reasonable royalties or lost profits for the patent holder

If you are considering legal action for patent infringement, that likely means taking on an opponent with greater financial resources. It also means entering litigation that may be technically complex and legally demanding. It is essential to turn to a law firm with the resources to take your case the distance, including preparation for trial if necessary.

A Law Firm Always Prepared to Go the Distance for a Just Outcome

Our experienced lawyers are prepared to assess your potential patent infringement claim, calling upon proven independent experts as necessary. Our litigation experience extends across industries and sectors including telecommunication, oil and gas exploration, semiconductor and computer technology, software and electrical and alternative energy.

To discuss your potential patent infringement case with a skilled trial lawyer committed to providing honest, experienced legal guidance, please contact us at Provost Umphrey. We provide flexible fee arrangements on patent infringement cases and offer representation on contingency under some circumstances.