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In addition to legendary prowess and accomplishments in personal injury law, the Provost Umphrey Law Firm has an outstanding decades-long record in pursuit of justice for investors and small-business owners. Our Texas business law attorneys are trial-ready, well connected to expert resources and other proven law firms, and equipped to assess your legal rights and options in matters including:

  • Patent infringement – We have represented numerous inventors and patent holders in litigation targeting injunctions against unlawful use as well as financial compensation for lost profits due to patent infringement.
  • Securities fraud – Our lawyers have taken strong, successful legal action for groups of investors victimized by various forms of fraud, most often based on false or misleading statements made by officers or directors of public companies.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims – Provost Umphrey advises investors, business owners and others who suffered losses when an agent or partner failed to meet fiduciary standards of trust or performance.
  • Prompt pay litigation – We represent Texas physicians, clinics and other health care providers in cases where an insurance company unjustifiably refused or delayed payment on a valid claim.
  • Qui tam actions – Our experience in recovering payments improperly claimed and collected in violation of the Federal False Claims Act can both deter improper contracting practices and protect the interests of those in a position to report the wrongdoing.

An Established Firm for Litigation Against the Powerful and Wealthy

When the target of litigation is a financial services corporation, investment firm, preferred provider organization or other large company, there is no denying that the credibility and resources of the plaintiff's law firm become major considerations as well. Few law firms in Texas or nationwide can claim a level and duration of accomplishment matching those of our professional legal team at Provost Umphrey Law Firm.

Our attorneys' range of legal knowledge is informed by work in the federal courts, on cases demanding white collar criminal investigation and extensive financial analysis. We bring decades of trial experience at all levels of the court system to each case we handle across all our practice areas.

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