Tips on Filing Your Winter Storm Uri Claims

Posted on Monday, March 8, 2021

Winter Storm Uri was a massive coast-to-coast weather phenomenon that bore down on Texas heavily. With its damaging ice and record-breaking low temperatures, millions of Texans were left with significant damage to their homes, vehicles, and businesses. The sudden cold snap is expected to generate more insurance claims than those seen during a typical hurricane season

If loss or damage is prompting you to file claims with your insurance provider, keep in mind the following tips.

Think Beyond Property Damage

Many homeowners and business owners suffered extensive property damage in the wake of Uri, but you do not need to have experienced physical damage to file a claim. Business owners can file business interruption claims and seek coverage due to poor road conditions that prevented clientele from entering businesses, snow clearing expenses, spoilage of goods, or civil authority.

Document Extensively


Photos and videos of damage are vital for any claim, but they don’t tell the whole story. Uri devasted many businesses and homes throughout the entire state. Paint a picture for your insurance company by including news segments and articles detailing the severity of the storm and footage of the extensive damage. For business owners, it is imperative to keep a record of correspondence you made with clients or vendors that detail lack of accessibility or hang ups that occurred due to the storm.

File Timely and Accurately

You want to file earlier than later to ensure prompt settling, but with the large influx of claims insurers are experiencing, having all your facts accurately detailed is extremely important. Don’t waste valuable time by having your insurers request corrected information.

Expect Payment Delays

As with most natural disasters, insurers experienced a large influx of claims amid Winter Storm Uri. Usually, insurance companies must abide by strict timelines in addressing claims, but due to the overwhelming number that inundated insurers, the Texas Department of Insurance has extended payment deadlines. Insurance companies now have 30 days before beginning investigations. However, don’t let this deter you from filing quickly and requesting updates on your claim.

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