Provost Umphrey to Represent Victim of Overturned 18-Wheeler Crash

Posted on Saturday, May 22, 2021

Sunday, March 16th, the driver of an 18-wheeler travelling eastbound on I-10 lost control, striking the median and turning over into the westbound lane near the 11th Street exit in Beaumont. The 18-wheeler struck an SUV travelling westbound. Provost Umphrey Law Firm represents one of the victims struck by the 18-wheeler.

Provost Umphrey has the breadth and depth of experience necessary to protect the value of the high-stakes personal injury or wrongful death claims arising out of a truck accident. Our lawyers take a highly proactive approach to the causation, fault or liability issues that will need to be resolved.

Our familiarity with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations also helps us to establish liability based on such factors as driver fatigue, improper loading, defective equipment, or weight violations.

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