Personally Speaking... with Christopher T. Kirchmer

Posted on Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A University of Texas School of Law graduate, Chris Kirchmer focuses primarily on pharmaceutical and medical device product liability law. Most recently, Kirchmer was named to the Plaintiffs Steering Committee for the Cook Medical IVC Filter litigation, as well as the Plaintiffs Leadership Counsel for the Bard IVC Filter litigation.

  • What made you want to become a lawyer? Growing up I was intensely interested in fair play. As a teen I realized that Constitutional law was the ultimate guarantee of fair treatment in the United States. When I started to think about what I really wanted to study and what I really wanted to do professionally, I decided that I wanted to work with the law to encourage and even enforce the fair play I have always believed was so important.
  • Why did you decide to focus on personal injury law? When an individual or company does something underhanded in a business deal we are angry, but don’t we expect it to some degree? Caveat emptor - buyer beware, right? That doesn’t make it right, but it does not generally shock the conscience. But when a company makes a conscious decision to put individual people – our parents, spouses, or children - at risk of severe injury or death because it is more profitable to injure and maim than it is to build a safe product, it motivates me like little else.
  • What do you do for fun? First and foremost, I chase my kids around from sporting event to sporting event. When I’m not doing that I love to fish and target shoot.
  • Where did you grow up? I went to high school in the Clear Lake area of Houston, but I really grew-up back and forth between Beaumont where my dad lives and Clear Lake where my mom lives. Both my parents are from Port Arthur originally, so all of my extended family is in the Golden Triangle area.
  • What is your favorite place in Southeast Texas? Lake Sam Rayburn. I’ve fished there since I was a kid. I am always relaxed when I’m surrounded by the beauty of that lake.
  • What is your proudest moment? The day I came across a social media post made by one of my daughter’s friends joking about how my daughter is always comparing me to Captain America. I don’t know much about Captain America, but I know when your teenage daughter compares you to a superhero, you must be doing something right.
  • What is your favorite movie? The Shawshank Redemption. The wrongly convicted guy finally gets away.
  • If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Macaroni and Cheese. I ate it every single solitary day I was in college and a whole lot of them since. To this day my siblings still complain that macaroni and cheese was the one thing I refused to share with them when we were growing –up. In my defense, I generally offered to make them their own box if they really wanted some. I just didn’t want to share the box I was making for myself! Every bite counts….
  • What goals do you have for yourself for the next five years? There are lots of things I’d like to do or like to accomplish, but I don’t really think about those things as goals. My only real goal (and what I always tell my kids they should do) is to try to get a little bit better at everything I do every day.
  • What is one destination in the world that is on your travel bucket list? Vatican City. Art. Architecture. Sacred ground. There’s no way to beat that combination.
  • What do you think sets Provost Umphrey apart from other law firms? There are other good lawyers and other good plaintiff’s law firms, but it is nearly impossible to find another with so many incredibly experienced and skilled lawyers under one roof. When a client hires Provost Umphrey, they get virtually unsurpassed collective wisdom and ability - nothing is too big or too difficult. We can handle it and we can handle it right.

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