James E. Payne Speaks at 100 Black Men of Greater Beaumont Annual Scholarship Banquet

Posted on Monday, May 2, 2016

Provost Umphrey equity partner James E. Payne spoke at the 100 Black Men of Greater Beaumont Annual Scholarship Banquet on April 8, 2016. Payne spoke on the topic "Winning the Game of Life." While his speech was geared towards his experience with the NCAA Basketball Finals game in Houston this spring, the key takeaways can be beneficial for anyone, no matter their career or age. Read below for the outline of his speech, "Winning the Game of Life."

1. Plan Goals for Yourself

A. Written Goals

B. Practical/Obtainable Goals

C. Dates to achieve

2. Practice on accomplishing the goals

A. To reach goals requires hard work

B. Preparation and practice prevents mediocrity

3. Prepare for opposition

A. There will be people trying to prevent you from accomplishing your goals

B. Friends, Family, and Foes can be your opposition

4. Play to Win

A. Don't let your income determine you outcome

B. Work like there is no tomorrow

C. Never become satisfied with just finishing--you want to win

5. Praise your way to victory

James E. Payne is a board-certified personal injury attorney who has worked at Provost Umphrey since 1995. Payne is very active in several social and civic organizations. He developed the nationally recognized Buy 90 Campaign which was designed to economically empower the African American community in Southeast Texas. Payne is highly sought after as a motivational speaker by many organizations, schools and churches. James Payne authored a book, "I am Healed, But I am Still Sick?"

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