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Asbestos Litigation Attorneys in Texas

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Update on Pittsburgh Corning Bankruptcy

On May 24, Judge Fitzgerald issued her order of confirmation in the Pittsburgh Corning bankruptcy and a comprehensive 143 page Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law opinion in support of the plan. This order must be affirmed by the District Court (anticipated 60-90 days) but we assume it will be appealed by Garlock and/or Mt McKinley Insurance Co. to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals (6-18 months). We do not believe these objections have merit and that the 3rd Circuit will confirm the plan. At that time, Garlock and/or Mt. McKinley will likely seek a writ to the Supreme Court, which should be denied (6-9 months).

PC filed for bankruptcy after Provost Umphrey obtained the Sonnier Trial Verdict and Judgment. PC was the first of the major bankruptcies to be filed during the 2000s and will now be one of the last to be successfully completed. However, it has not been for the lack of effort on our part (see attached timeline).

The reality remains that we have another 14 to 30 months before this bankruptcy is finalized and a Trust is established to pay claims. We have no more information than what has been provided here and we will update you if anything of importance occurs relative to the timeline attached. It is important that you keep us updated as to your medical condition (particularly the development of cancer) and contact information.

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