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Diabetes Drug Avandia Recalled in Europe, Lawsuits Aplenty in U.S.

Avandia is a drug commonly known to treat individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. However, a U.S. government report suggests Avandia has caused as many as 100,000 heart attacks since the FDA approved the drug in 1998.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a safety alert, but the drug has not been recalled in the U.S.. The American Medical Association asserts that continued 12 month use of the drug poses significant heart attack risks. But despite these suggestions, the drug remains publically available.

European nations, however, aren't taking any chances. As many as 100,000 UK citizens suffering from diabetes take the drug. European safety leaders emphasize that the risks outweigh the rewards and are removing the drug from the shelves.

Lawsuits Bombard Manufacturer

Despite Avandia's continued availability, the drug's manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline PLC Thousands of people have filed lawsuits over Avandia. In May 2010, the company agreed to pay $60 million to settle approximately 700 Avandia lawsuits filed because of the drug's side effects.

Avandia is prescribed to treat diabetes. In particular, the drug is prescribed in order to help reduce glucose levels in the blood to allow better reaction to the body's insulin.

If you or a loved one uses Avandia, you may have a legal claim for compensation. You should contact an Avandia drug recall attorney to discuss your case.