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Jones Act Claims

If you were injured while working as a seaman, you may be able to recover compensation under the Jones Act. The Jones Act is a federal law that allows seamen to file personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits against their employers if negligence led to the seamen's injury or death.

Because there are numerous claims that can make Jones Act claims complicated, an attorney who has experience handling admiralty and maritime cases can be help ensure you are fairly compensated.

At Provost Umphrey Law Firm L.L.P., we have decades of experience winning cases for injured maritime workers and their families.

Building Strong Jones Act Cases for Seamen Around the World

From our office in Beaumont, Texas, we are well-positioned to handle Jones Act claims across the country and around the world. We know that we are our clients' best opportunity for justice, so we are relentless in our investigation, evidence collection and case building. We build strong cases for injured seamen by identifying employer negligence, including:

  • Failing to provide proper training
  • Hiring unqualified workers
  • Failing to provide workers with proper equipment
  • Ignoring safety standards or procedures
  • Allowing or encouraging unsafe work methods
  • Failing to maintain safety equipment
  • Failing to maintain the vessel

Are You Covered by the Jones Act?

In order to be covered by the Jones Act, the injured worker must be a seaman at the time of the injury. Although there is no standard definition as to what constitutes a seaman, there are general guidelines. In short, the worker must help fulfill the vessel's mission.

In addition, the injury must occur on a navigable vessel that can be used as a means of transportation in water. This includes barges, fishing boats, tug boats, dredges, cruise ships, submersible oil rigs and other vessels.

If have questions about whether you have a Jones Act claim, schedule a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers. We can be reached by email or by calling 888-588-1695.